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Best Gratis Strategy Games On Steam

Strategy is one of the oldest genres in the gaming industry. Dating back to the late 1980s, it gained much popularity in the following decade with games like Warcraft, Starcraft, and Red Alert. Back then, games were made like intricate and asymmetrical chess matches with extra steps — after all, that’s what the tech permitted at the time.

Today, the strategy genre is way past its apogee, with more casual games and genres entering the market. That doesn’t mean they’re outdated and dull, however. One only needs to take a good look at some of Steam’s offerings for cuma-cuma strategy games to get an idea of how the genre evolved. These cuma-cuma titles have kept the flames going and also brought some much-needed innovations.

With the MCU looking as popular as ever with a million upcoming projects, Marvel Snap is looking to capitalize on that ongoing popularity. This demo spaceman is Marvel’s attempt at its own CCG, and it’s looking great with obvious inspirations from genre staples like Hearthstone and Gwent.

Right now it’s only on early access, but it’s already playable and well-received in its current state. It’s also a fast-paced CCG that lets players collect and control Marvel superheroes as their cards and it’s easy to see where the appeal of the grind will come from.

For those who aren’t tired of social deduction video games after the landslide meme popularity of Among Us, Goose Goose Duck is another strong contender. Players assume the role of titular geese characters who must keep an eye out for impostor birds such as mallards, etc.

Risk: Global Domination is a strategy game with a lighter and more cartoonish theme, modeled after a board game made by Hasbro. It’s essentially a komputerisasi board game version of WW1 where players must fight the Axis Powers and eventually, zombies and other sci-fi and fantasy enemies.

Like in most other strategy games, players need to raise their own army, utilize diplomacy, and strategize to lead their forces to victory with or without the help of allies, though the game is definitely more fun with others and is designed with multiplayer in mind.

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