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Best Skateboarding Games Like Tony Hawks Pro Skater

It wasn\\’t until 1986 that the first skateboarding game, 720°, was released by Atari Games. Other developers jumped on the bandwagon and brought gamers Skate Or Die! and Town & Country Surf Designs in the years that followed. Although Tony Hawk\\’s Pro Skater wasn\\’t the only game of its kind, it blew the competition out of the water and laid the foundations for the beloved video game franchise.

After the games\\’ release in 1999, THPS set the bar high. The original game features a good selection of professional skateboarders and real skate brands and equipment, and there is also a good mixture of park and street skating environments. The game is also known for its arcade-style gameplay, local multiplayer modes, and cool soundtrack.

ESPN X Games Skateboarding Challenges Players With Different Environments

Two years after the release of THPS, Konami made a similar skateboarding video game for the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advanced. Like slot mahjong its competitors, ESPN X Games Skateboarding features skater companies and real skaters from the turn of the century. The timed levels and scoring system are also important features in this game.

As well as mega ramp challenges, the game has open-world environments where players must complete a series of objectives within the time limit. Some levels have a HUD which helps players locate collectibles and find hard-to-reach areas. Players can earn more points with the special trick multiplier by performing a combination of tricks without bailing.

Street Sk8er 2 Featured A Park Creation Mode

EA released the skateboarding game, Street Sk8er, in 1998 for the PlayStation. The second game of the franchise came out in 2000 which gave players more game modes, including Competition, Create A Park, and Free Skate where players can roam tidak dipungut bayaran until they reach the end goal.

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The levels vary from downhill paths to bowls and halfpipe sessions. The aim of each stage is to obtain as many points as possible within the time limit. The upgradable skaters are fictional characters but the tricks are real. The soundtrack also features licensed songs to get players in the zone.

Disney\\’s Extreme Skate Adventure Targeted A Younger Audience

After publishing THPS, Activision brought younger fans a Disney version in 2003. Unlike THPS, the skaters in this game are characters from the Disney franchise. Playable characters include Zurg, Rafiki, and Timon and Pumbaa. Some of the tricks also have made-up names and are unique for each character.

Disney\\’s Extreme Skate Adventure does have a cool soundtrack with licensed music. Maps include Pride Rock, Pizza Planet, and Tarzan\\’s Jungle Treehouse. The open-world environment allows players to skate around the jenjang at their own pace and complete timed challenges, rescue allies, and collect the letters to spell \\”SKATE.\\” Playable characters include Zurg, Rafiki, and Timon and Pumbaa.

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