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Saran Game New Resident Evil-Style Horror is Coming Next Year

A new unnerving trailer for the indie horror game Post Trauma was released and confirmed its 2024 release window. The Raw Fury-published title appears to be reminiscent of a Resident Evil game with its nightmarish monsters and puzzle-based exploration.

Announced to be in development back in 2021, Post Trauma claimed Silent Hill to be a major influence. While that comparison certainly makes sense, the fixed-camera horror adventure has been shown off several times since and drawn comparison to the acclaimed Resident Evil franchise as well. Post Trauma will be the first game from indie

developer Red Soul Games – a studio that started as a one-person passion project but has grown into a small team of dedicated horror fanatics.

The latest trailer for Post Trauma shows off the game’s dark and atmospheric setting, several survival horror puzzles, and it even teases a Spring 2024 release date. The various monsters occasionally dip into the Lovecraftian subgenre, but slot depo qris the puzzle-based gameplay and exploration certainly look as though they are inspired by Resident Evil. Even the saving mechanic that was shown off in the Game Awards trailer for Post Trauma appears similar to the typewriters in the Resident Evil series.

The nearly minute-long trailer follows Roman, a middle-aged train conductor as he looks to find his way out of a strange and horrifying location. In addition to various clips of Roman investigating the world around him and interacting with various puzzle boxes within the world, the trailer also occasionally showcases a first-person perspective. The trailer ends with a mysterious voice who appears to act as some sort of guide for Roman. The game is coming to both PC and consoles, however, the specific home console platforms have yet to be named.

It’s easy to see why fans of the genre are excited about Post Trauma. If a creator is going to borrow from another horror title, then it makes sense for them to be inspired by two of the best. With new games from either franchise still a little way out, Post Trauma looks to insert itself at just the right time. However, Resident Evil fans should look forward to September 21 as developer and publisher Capcom looks to share more berita about upcoming titles.

Creators are inspired by other games all the time – especially the greats. Even the highly-anticipated Alan Wake 2 takes inspiration from Resident Evil according to developers. The real question is whether Post Trauma can deliver when fans finally get their hands on it.

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