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Tidak Online Car Games Terbaik

Playing gratis car games is a great way to have some online fun racing, shooting, and avoiding obstacles from a seat of a race car or sometimes even a monster truck.

Below are the best gratis car games, full of action and excitement, that will keep you busy for hours.

Speed Racing Pro 2: Compete With Great Graphics

If you\\’re looking for a car racing game with realistic graphics, I highly recommend Speed Racing Pro 2.

You can choose between four cars and three game types. Time Attack gives you one minute to race around the track. Race lets you compete against up to 11 opponents, and complete up to 10 laps, to see who wins. Elimination has two slot gates of olympus types: elimination every lap or a timed elimination.

I had lots of fun with this game, and the graphics were good enough that I wasn\\’t constantly distracted with low quality images. But even if that\\’s not important to you, you\\’ll enjoy this car racing game if you like to compete.

Use the arrow keys to drive, and the space bar to brake.

Top Speed 3D: Speed Without Limits

My main takeaway after playing Top Speed 3D is that it\\’s tepat for those times that I want to just drive. No competition. No time limit. Not even a score. Just an open map to drive around in.

There are hills and ramps to drive through, and different maps to mix things up.

I don\\’t like the graphics in this car game as much as I do in Speed Racing Pro 2, but Top Speed 3D excels in that it lets you customize your wheels, adjust the steering to make it easier to control the car, configure the max speed and other power options, and best of all: have fun driving around as fast as you can!

To play this game, use your arrow keys to control the direction, and trigger the brake with the space bar.

Crazy Racing: Split-Screen Racing With a Friend

Race against three other cars in this fun car racing game. You can play against the computer or share the keyboard with a friend in local two-player mode.

The graphics in this car game are smooth and not realistic, but it doesn\\’t pretend to be, so it\\’s really not distracting. There are three tracks and multiple difficulty levels to pick from, as well as a few different vehicles.

Pick Arcade mode to play with a friend or the computer, or if you\\’re in solo mode, Time trial is a race against the clock to finish the track.

4 Wheel Madness: Destroy Cars for a High Score

The car game 4 Wheel Madness is a lot of fun! You\\’ll need to get your monster truck from one point to another. Be sure to avoid the obstacles or you\\’ll damage your truck, and grab the money to get the highest score.

You can\\’t customize your truck in this game, but it\\’s still a lot of fun to play with the one you\\’re given. I also think it ends in a fiery crash a bit too early, but maybe you\\’ll have better luck than me keeping your truck intact!

The arrow keys move the truck forward and help it pop wheelies over the cars.

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