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Zynga celebrates Valentine’s Day 2024 with special events across its portfolio of games

Zynga Inc, a publishing label fully owned by Take-Two Interactive and renowned globally for its interactive entertainment, is commemorating the season of love with a variety of delightful Valentine’s Day 2024 festivities throughout its array of games. From delightful potluck gatherings to cherished treasure hunts, these in-game celebrations are sure to enchant even the Cupid.

Dragon City – Enemies to Lovers (January 15 – February 19)

Dragon City is set to commence a series of Valentine’s Day-themed events. People are invited to gather around the campfire to listen to the twisted tale of the new Storyteller Dragon in Part I of the ‘Enemies to Lovers’ Valentine’s event. Participants mahjong ways 3 can aid the new Hanshock and Gretackle dragons in piecing together this ancient narrative by unlocking storybooks filled with rewards and restoring honor to their families in Part II, ‘Sweet Revenge.’

Only after completing these tasks will the new Heroic dragon, High Passion, restore love in time for Valentine’s Day in Part III, ‘Star-crossed Lovers’! Gem Lockets, Hearts of Stone, and Ancient Wedding Rings await discovery by Dragon Masters.

FarmVille 3 – Sweet Nothings (February 3 – March 2)
Ginny is brimming with enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day and is eager to ensure that everyone on the farm feels cherished and included. She is organizing a Valentine’s Phone Booth, where individuals can dial their loved ones and traditionally convey their affection.

Enhancing the experience with Valentine-themed treats and enjoyable activities, Ginny aims to ensure everyone has a fantastic time. Participants can even win romantic rewards, contributing to making this Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable under Ginny’s thoughtful planning.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape – Valentine’s Hearty Potluck (February 14 – 26)
Attend the farm gathering for a Valentine’s Day potluck alongside fellow farmers, where every meal shares a story of affection and camaraderie. Devise numerous heartfelt recipes to earn the title of Farmville’s most affectionate farmer.

Achieve the Gold tier by the end of the event to secure an incredible farm assistant – Cupid Cooper – who will remain on your farm indefinitely. Additionally, by obtaining the Valentine’s Pass, you stand a chance to acquire Stella, the optimistic farm assistant.

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape – Valentine’s Day Quest (February 10 – 14)
Kate endeavors to share this love throughout the island, embracing both guides and guests. Discover the passions and beloved individuals that enrich the lives of each guide, contributing to the island’s charm. By fulfilling orders, participants can augment their earnings and even secure a unique Valentine’s Day adornment for their island.

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells – Amortentia Season (February 1 – 29)
Complete daily tasks to receive delightful rewards throughout February, and enjoy special limited-time offers on puzzles from February 9th to 15th. Additionally, advance through the Amortentia Adoration collection event by solving puzzles in the player journey, unlocking a sequence of power-ups from February 14th to 17th. It promises to be an enchanting season.

Merge Dragons! – My Sweet Valentine (February 13 – 16)
Discover the charm of the My Sweet Valentine event in Merge Dragons! Ensure not to overlook the opportunity to acquire the Goldenheart Dragon for one’s camp. Great way to commemorate the season of love by embracing the most magnificent Dragons within Dragonia.

Monster Legends – For the Love of Monsters! (February 2 – 23)
Monster Legends is commemorating Valentine’s Day with an uproarious new Era Saga featuring Lovestruck, a playful creature known for stirring up mischief during this festive period. However, Lovestruck isn’t the sole attraction in this season’s array; they’re also unveiling

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